Corporate Services

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Corporate Services

We help you understand and develop your business core social purpose and how that aligns with your objectives, to create a cohesive CSR strategy. We do this through researching your business and your sector, to understand your competitive edge and your stakeholders, to develop and implement an effective philanthropic program, tailored to your organisation.

Our extensive research into the CSR sector, from both business and NFP partnerships, gives us a unique insight into best practice to worst practice, enabling us to develop a framework and structure that assists your organisation in developing effective, insightful partnerships that meet your objectives and expectations.

Charitable Connections believe that businesses should act in the best interest of society, championing a more inclusive society through investing and engaging in your community. Corporations attributes, such as entrepreneurship, ingenuity and innovation that make a successful business, can also assist in solving societal challenges.

Charitable Connections (CC) help you make a distinct and positive contribution to the world you live in through providing an authentic, memorable and real social responsibility program, maximising your outcomes and impact.

  • CC work with your organisations key stakeholders to identify and develop your core social purpose and strategy.
  • We present suitable non profit organisations aligned with your businesses objectives and CSR outcomes, who will meet and present to you and your stakeholders.
  • Best Practice – our extensive experience and networks, backed by evidence based research, gives us a unique insight into the CSR sector, which we apply to your business.
  • We provide a risk minimisation strategy and develop an evaluation plan, so you can measure your internal and external impact against your CSR objectives.
  • We provide the opportunity for your employees and stakeholders to be involved with your program.
  • We work with your organisation to minimise costs whilst maximising your investment and impact of your CSR program.
  • CC can establishing and manage your Trust or Foundation program.

We partner with you to deliver a mutually beneficial long term CSR program for your organisation.

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